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  • We Host Birthday Parties
  • We host luncheons
  • Patio is open

A Restaurant in Cary, IL

Welcome to Galati's Hideaway!

Look no further for the perfect place for lunch, dinner or drinks! Whether you're looking to meet up with old friends and family or the best place to watch your favorite teams play sports, this is the place to be! Enjoy a drink on our spacious patio around the fireplace, or if you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing evening, try the dining room. We'd love to make you one of our signature Italian dishes! Galati’s offers you the best of both worlds!

There are lots of fun things going on here, but we're most excited to continue bringing you delicious food, amazing drinks and remarkable service. Check back often for more information about upcoming events and specials menu items–we look forward to seeing you soon!